The Sounds of Xmas

by Mark McGuire

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Originally released in a private edition to family and friends for Christmas 2006, The Sounds of Xmas is a tribute to those very family and friends, and the true holiday spirit of love and generosity. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, voice, loads of home video samples, and a garnish of synthesizer - this album captures a very raw and early view into the MM solo sentiment.
Enjoy free downloads of the title-track, as well as "December 10th, 1991"..
Sit back and sink into these yuletide meditations, available for a limited time only..
Happy Holidays!


released December 25, 2006



all rights reserved


Mark McGuire Cleveland, Ohio

Mark McGuire is an artist based in Cleveland, OH. He also releases music as The Magi Of Eire, The Road Chief, and carries the Lakota name Iktomi Wicasa (Spider Man). VISION UPON PURPOSE next full length coming soon.. WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW UNITE!

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Track Name: The Sounds of Xmas
It says "dear santa, thank you for the gifts. and then it has my name on it"
dear ms mabel - nothing else could be this good.
you got a lot to do before lunch.
hey matt! haha......hey dude :)
i already smo... opened up one..
yeah, a smoke detector!
...a shmoke detectuhhh...
(guns and lasers firing...)
"the sounds of christmas..."
the sounds of a war..
woah i didn't even notice that on the back, a star!
a star...
hey daddy....
(fires missle)
ow! my coffee..
matt made the guy on the bike crash the waiter...
wanna see mark?

grandpa was a proud man, a strong man..
he was a good provider.
we...never had much money, but we always had
plenty of food on the table.
and he always made something special for me
and each of the children at christmas..
men like him didn't feel like they could show much
affection outwardly toward the children,
but on christmas, it was okay..
he always pretended not to be excited
on christmas morning, but his eyes gave him away..
i think it was his favorite day of the year.
sometimes, i wake up in the night..
and i can still feel his strong arms wrapped around me.
this is the night that i miss him the most.
Track Name: December 10th, 1991 (for Brittany Kay McGuire)
my sock's pulled down...
your sock? mr. one-sock...
so what happened today? why is today a special day?
because of a baby... our aunt just had a baby..
oh yeah? what's the baby's name?
brittany, brittany mcguire huh?
brittany kay mcguire.
that's a pretty name, aunt lori had a baby today.
brittany kay mcguire..
and um, when i'm a teenager, and she like, is one years old,
i'm gonna babysit. when i'm a teenager, and she's one years old..

so, there's a holiday coming up soon, isn't there?
yeah, fifteen more days..
hah, fifteen more days?
what is it - easter? halloween?
you guys uh...
figured out what you want from santa claus?
i want...two WWF figures, and.....
so...what do you guys want to talk about, anything else?
what am i gonna get for christmas?
what are you gonna get, gonna - ask for christmas matt?
uh, i don't know..
you don't know, huh...
just uh...peace, and love, and good will toward all men?
no, i know what he's gonna get..
to hell with that, huh?
um, yeah. i know what he's gonna get..
he's gonna get a...wind warrior hover craft..
a wind warrior hover craft...
Track Name: Opening Presents
these are the coolest...
aren't they?
oh yeah...
mooey christmas!
screw christmas!
for you, and mom...
what are they called jeff?
magic stretch.
he's not even 30 and he's already in "magic stretch"
magic stretch!
what - did you go to the senior shop for those?

oh does he still have erin?
don't break the ice!
oh, wow...
that's a fun game. i used to have that game..
didn't you used to play that at nursery school?
well i have one from janine that she thought was so funny...
is this the funny thing?
i mean, i think it's funny but i think it's cool :)
pete canepa was goin, oh she'll love this..
i do!
chia pet!
what is it, jame?
chia herb garden..

i got...nerf master blaster! nerf master blaster!!
oh my god..
i wanna play with this right now...
wow, and i got a keychain gun from home..
nerf master blaster!

look at gram in the hall...gram in the hall!
oh...she's got it on 'er double thing...
and the reason, you know why they don't get the red eye?
because they turn their heads..
daddy, look it!

oh god, now just something else to destroy the house..

hey shoot one at - shoot one at the camera!
shoot one at the camera...
watch the hummels...
aim low...
pull it back, matt...
ahh! ow! ahh!
pull back, matt...
ohhhh, right in the gut..
oh! a direct hit! these kids are deadly!

'ey grammaw...haha
oh, it fires when you pull it back..
oh, you gotta pump it up i think..
yeah, you pump it up...
why won't this one come out?
you better not stick your face in front of that..
i don't know why that one won't come out...
what does it say on the package, ages 12 and up??
six and up...
i could have fun with that...

guess what..
when we to bed the one ni-
last night when we went to bed,
mom forgot to leave santa the cookies..
oh she did? well, santa doesn't care...