Vision Upon Purpose

by Mark McGuire

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VISION UPON PURPOSE is the full-length sequel to the 2015 epic 'Beyond Belief'. Beginning in 2015 with the birth of the beloved one, VUP sees magic brought directly into 3D reality, bringing new adventures into being with a new sight and new purpose. This will be the toughest and most beautiful road yet. Warm electric soul rainbow songs for the Elders - past, present, and future.
Mastered by the incredible James Plotkin.
CD available (Japan Only) on Yacca/Inpartmaint Inc.
Limited Edition LP and Cassette coming Summer 2017 on Amethyst Sunset

download includes bonus tracks from the "Warriors Of The Rainbow" EP as well as an outtake from the album, "Pleasantly"


released May 29, 2017

Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass, Vocals, & Programming
All Songs Written, Improvised, and Produced by Mark McGuire
Recorded February 2015 - February 2017 at Tara (Eire), Ohio
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Mark McGuire
Sincere thanks go out to all family and friends. Thank you to all my teachers and guides - especially Terri Sings With Ravens Rivera, Thomas Johnson Thunder Rock Of The Stars, and Chief Golden Light Eagle Loren Zephier. Thanks William Berry and Masami Shimomura for their friendship, support, and contributions to this release.

This album is dedicated to Terra Miranda McGuire

CD available (Japan Only) on Yacca/Inpartmaint Inc.
LP & Cassette available on Amethyst Sunset



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Mark McGuire Cleveland, Ohio

Mark McGuire is an artist based in Cleveland, OH. He also releases music as The Magi Of Eire, The Road Chief, and carries the Lakota name Iktomi Wicasa (Spider Man). VISION UPON PURPOSE next full length coming soon.. WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW UNITE!

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Track Name: Butterfly Medicine
Well it’s out there somewhere..
Because it was there when I held you
When I held you
When I held you it was there..
It was there when I’d put you down at night
And it’s going to happen
You just gotta wait a long, long time..
Oh, and all along it was
Oh, and all along it was just the saddest dream of all..
My heart breaks
For all the empty memories
And the places that I won’t know
That you’ll remember, and think of as home
I don’t know how, but there’s got to be a way.. Yeah there’s got to..
Yeah there’s got to
Yeah there’s got to
There has got to be a way..
Track Name: Gone Too Long
You’ve been gone too long.. And you’re much too young..
You’ve been gone too long
I wonder what you know by now.. You’re much too young
To be away from me so long..
You’ve been gone too long
I wonder what you look like now.. You’re much too young
To be away from me so long.
Track Name: Things Are Going To Change
I’ll never leave you in this place alone..
In this place, alone.
No matter how long, how far, and how dark..
I’ll save you from the slightest harm
And see you safely sleeping in a soft place
Where I grew up
Where you’re always loved, and always home
And I’ll still believe
Oh, and I’ll still believe in love
Long after you’re gone..
Track Name: Obliterated
The storm will say
Clouds, show me the way

The Thorn will say
Flower, throw me away

The sun will say
Lower me away

But the cold will show us warmth
Through death renew to birth
All life returns to Earth

So they say,
Darling, tell me..
Oh, what have you done?
My one true love..

I’m listening
I’m listening, and I fear nothing.
I’m listening
I’m listening, but I hear nothing.

Will it be enough when it comes
and gives it all to you?

I'm listening but I hear nothing

Will it be enough when it goes
and leaves you down and out
With nothing at all

Nothing at all..

I’m listening, but I hear nothing..

Did you even think about the girls?
Or did you only think about yourself..

I’m listening
but I hear